Sunday, November 16, 2008


Credits to Lylarose
Sellling at $12, Size 7, BLACK
PTP 13.5" Length: 18.9"
worn Twice

PTP 14", Length 32.6" Worn Thrice

PTP: 13.5" Length 20.3"
Worn Once

Back Detail of the Neck area

PTP 12", Length 23", Worn Once

Details of the Top
Smocked at the back of the Top

PTP 14.5" Length 28"

Detail of the Dress
Zip at he side of the dress ,Worn Once

Size 4 / 35 S$10

Size 4 / 35 S$5


fantasyified said...

white blouse pictures whn worn ?
trades at my journal?

Anonymous said...

leopard bangles. any trades!

any meet ups?

sheerloved said...

scarletroom's big button top?

trades in my LJ?

lemme know.

yc said...

scarletroom's big button top

trades for this?
i hav asos top and another scarletroom dress.let me know!
if not, price nego with meet-up?

Anonymous said...

gold chain necklace. very interested.

text me, 81818841

brokenheels said...

Measurements for the bomber jacket?

Anonymous said...

do you have a real life pic of the bomber jacket?

Anonymous said...

any more pics of miliatry jacket?

Anonymous said...

sorry, my email is

paperheartdoll said...

real pics of bomber jacket and military jacket

Anonymous said...

military jacket,
pics of bomber jacket

Stephanie said...

material for military jacket?

Anonymous said...

item 86 isit BN?

does it have shiny trimming on e it ?

Fashion Door said...

Hi sheilatyh can u leave ur email behind? Btw which item are u referring to? Thanks!

in the darkest of nights said...

what are the payment methods? can email me at thank you! :)