Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brand New Items =)

Sorry Am Not Doing Trades. Thanks =)

Bidding will occur if there is more then 1 interested Party

BN Bomber jacket $45, ptp 18", length 19"

Size 35 Worn once. 9.5/10 condition $20
$15 if u can transfer immed wif no qns ask

credits to femmefetish


I got it altered to fix a size 6-8

Gold Chain necklace


Bicycle Dress, Waist 12.2" Length: 24.5"

Same as the one Vivianlly worn but of a different colour

Punk Bag $25

Grey Shirt, PTP 15",Length 22.6"
Colour True to Second pic

Venus, PTP 14", Length 20"

Grey Top, PTP: 16", Length: 24"

Details of the side of the Top.

White Dress
PTP 16" Skirt Waist 16" Length 29.5"

Button Detail

Checkered Dress, Waist 15.5", Length 29.5"

Black Flower Dress, PTP 14.5", Length 25"

White Blouse, PTP 13.4", Length 22.2"

Details of the blouse. Colour true to the Pic

PTP 17.5

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Ribbon necklace

Anchor Necklace

Flower Necklace

Brown stone necklace

Detail of the necklace

Brand New Leopard Bangle $14
Long Necklace

Long Belt $20
Can be use as a necklace

Detail of the necklace

Flower Bracelet


Games : Less than half the original prices

The Crown Jewel Of PUZZEL GAMES
Price: S$5

Create your legacy as you guide your civilisation through the space age and beyond.

Price: S$20

The next generation people simulation
All 4 packs: S$80
Any 3 packs: S$65
Any 2 packs: S45
1 pack: S$30
SIMS Games All Sold to Lovely Buyers =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Credits to Lylarose
Sellling at $12, Size 7, BLACK
PTP 13.5" Length: 18.9"
worn Twice

PTP 14", Length 32.6" Worn Thrice

PTP: 13.5" Length 20.3"
Worn Once

Back Detail of the Neck area

PTP 12", Length 23", Worn Once

Details of the Top
Smocked at the back of the Top

PTP 14.5" Length 28"

Detail of the Dress
Zip at he side of the dress ,Worn Once

Size 4 / 35 S$10

Size 4 / 35 S$5